In their work, the specialists of the Recodent Clinic use implants from German, Israeli, and South Korea DIO UF (South Korea) – 5000 UAH (discounted price); Alfa Dent (Germany) – UAH 10,000; Bio HORIZONT (USA) – 14000 UAH; SHTRAUMAN (Switzerland) – 18000 UAH

The most popular are Dio implants. This is due to the excellent quality (high-quality titanium alloy) offered at a low price, which guarantees almost 100% implant success.

All implants are installed by the drilling unit of the Swiss company Bien Air, which is the most modern in implantology and has no analogues. It prevents any breaks in the bones and inaccuracies in implanting and therefore minimizes the possibility of implant failure, because these shortcomings of cheaper equipment mainly cause an unsuccessful outcome of the surgery.

Teeth is the only part of the human body that cannot regenerate. The loss of several or even one tooth can cause a violation of the chewing, speech functions, development of diseases of the digestive system. Fortunately, the modern dentistry offers the right solution to this problem – the dental implantation, which is able to restore a beautiful smile to everyone!

Patients who faced the problem of tooth loss and decided to implant teeth, the price of which depend on the type of implant design and their number, may say that the artificial dental crowns used for this procedure, perfectly settle down in the oral cavity. And their excellent fixation gives an absolute feeling of comfort when laughing, talking, and eating; you do not worry that the crown will stagger, shift or move somewhere in the oral cavity.

A patient who faces a difficult choice: implantation or dental prosthetic rehabilitation is always confused. Despite the fact that the bridge seems to be a more familiar and reliable way of restoring, real professionals believe that there is no point in offering dental prosthetic rehabilitation to patients when it is possible to perform a dental implantation procedure, the price of which is naturally higher, however, its benefits are also obvious..


– implants fully return the lost physiological functions to the dental system, prostheses are simply incapable of;

– the implanting can be carried out in the absence of one or several teeth, or complete loss of teeth (anodontia);

– to fix implants, one shall not drill healthy teeth;

– a dental implant restores the aesthetics of the dentition in full;

– during implantation there is no pressure on the gums, so they remain healthy;

– implants can serve a person for more than 20 years, which traditional dentures are simply incapable of, therefore repeated dental prosthetic rehabilitation will cost much more than a single dental implantation, the price of which, although not small, pays twice.

It is also worth to note that implants take very well in the oral cavity. This is explained by the unique properties of titanium, which is absolutely not rejected by the human body, as not perceived as a foreign object.