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Dental implants

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MegaGen implants "all inclusive"
5500 UAH.
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RecoDent is a certified clinic for MegaGen implant systems

Stages of installing a dental implant


Installation of the implant.

  • surgical part (in the absence of bone – bone tissue augmentation, bone tissue plastic or bone sinus lifting)
  • healing up to two weeks (can not load)
  • after 2 weeks of suture removal after surgery (we live a normal life).

Implant implantation.

From 3 months (there is no need to visit an implantologist during this period of time)


Installation of the crown on the implant.

Forming, printing (up to 5 working days), handing over.

How much does tooth implantation cost at the "Rekodent" clinic?

Work typeCost, uah
Surgical periodontology
Plasma therapy and bone grafting A-PRF
A-PRF (repair of bone with a membrane from one's own blood)2000 грн.
Two-stage implantation
MegaGen5500 грн.
IMPLANTS(Switzerland)7000 грн.
"Sinus lift" operation + cost of bone preparations and membranes according to the price listfrom 4000 грн.

The most frequent questions from patients:

There are no contraindications.

These are postoperative consequences, such as pain, swelling, and an increase in body temperature. Passes within one or two days.

The guarantee is lifetime.

1% – and this is mostly a coincidence. 99% of implants take root.

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