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Professional teeth cleaning

Most people turn to the clinic only when the situation becomes critical and full dental treatment is needed. Although many problems can be avoided by professional oral hygiene. This service is provided by Reko Dent, which has qualified specialists and modern equipment. The procedure is absolutely painless and allows you to make your smile attractive again and add health to your teeth. 

Features of professional care from the Reko Dent clinic

Independent oral hygiene in adults can only partially combat the appearance of stone. Even with the most thorough cleaning, plaque gradually accumulates on the surface. Over time, it hardens and turns into stone. It forms especially quickly in hard-to-reach places – on the inside, between the teeth and next to the gums. If the plaque is not removed in a timely manner, there is a high probability of the appearance of periodontal disease and other dangerous diseases. Only professional hygiene of the teeth and oral cavity excludes dental problems.

In the process of cleaning the oral cavity, the specialist removes:

In addition, the dentist will tell you in detail how to properly carry out prevention on your own, which means are best to use. Only constant hygiene of the oral cavity and teeth is a guarantee of good health.

Professional oral hygiene - the main stages

To ensure the maximum result, comprehensive professional oral hygiene is carried out in five stages:



The doctor carefully examines the condition of the teeth. Excludes contraindications. He tells the patient in detail about the specifics of the procedure.


Ultrasonic cleaning.

Allows to remove most of the calculus and plaque.


Processing with AirFlow.

The peculiarity of the technology is that the surface is treated with a special powder, which is supplied under enormous pressure. Thanks to this, the dark plaque is removed, the enamel is polished. Such oral hygiene for children can be carried out even without preliminary treatment.


Mechanical cleaning.

The doctor, using special brushes, removes soft plaque and also gives whiteness to all teeth. The surface is smooth.


Application of special pastes.

A special fluoride-based paste is applied to the treated surface. It reduces sensitivity, increases mechanical resistance, preserves all mineral elements. The effect lasts for several weeks.

Also, individual and professional hygiene of the oral cavity will be the most complete if fluoridation is additionally carried out. The procedure is aimed at strengthening enamel, increasing the service life of fillings.

Why choose the Reko Dent clinic

Now the price of oral hygiene in dentistry is quite affordable. Anyone can use this service. At the same time, the Reko Dent clinic attracts not only affordable prices, but also other important advantages:

All procedures are performed by dentists with at least 10 years of experience. They use modern tools and equipment, which allows you to remove any contamination from the surface of the teeth. Also, comprehensive oral hygiene is carried out using the best medicines, so there are no unpleasant sensations or complications.
To make an appointment and preliminary consultation, contact the clinic managers. They will make an appointment at the most convenient time. At the first appointment, the doctor will conduct a professional examination and tell you what measures will be needed to fully restore a beautiful smile. The cost of oral hygiene depends on the planned procedures and the materials used. In any case, all patients of the Reko Dent clinic receive quality treatment at the best price.

Prices for professional oral hygiene services at the Reko Dent clinic

Type of worksCost, uah
Professional hygiene:
Ultrasonic cleaning, strip paste, "Air flow"1500 uah.(2 jaws)
Professional whitening "Ardenia Lumenis"1900 uah.(2 jaws)
Caries prevention:
Sealing of fissures (liquid photopolymer) one tooth800 uah.
Removal of sensitivity (one tooth)50 uah.
Removal of sensitivity (all teeth)400 uah.
Bio-gen granulesfrom 1900 uah.

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