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Military personnel, first medical aid for acute pain (treatment, removal) is provided free of charge and on an emergency basis.

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У 2023 році стоматологічній клініці «Recodent» присвоєно
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Dentistry “Reco Dent” is an ultra-modern dental clinic in Kiev. For those who wish to be treated with high quality and at a reasonable price, we have the latest European equipment, which allows us to avoid mistakes and inaccuracies even in the most difficult cases. “Reko Dent” are highly qualified specialists who have completed training in dental clinics in Europe, who sincerely love their work and take care of each patient. It is very important for us that you leave us with a good, completely satisfying result and be pleasantly surprised by the quality-price ratio.

We conclude an Agreement with each patient, in which we undertake obligations to provide quality services with a guarantee.

High quality

The use of innovative technologies and materials in work, careful monitoring of each stage of treatment allow us to guarantee the patient a high quality of treatment.

Experienced Doctors

One of the main principles of our work is an individual approach to each patient. We value each of our patients. In personnel policy, we rely on high-class doctors.

New equipment

Our partners are the best and proven global manufacturers of medical equipment and dental materials.

Nice prices

We practice issuing loyalty cards that give you and your family members solid benefits. There is also a flexible system of discounts for prosthetics.

Modern dentistry: benefits and types of services

Healthy teeth and a snow-white smile are two components of the image of civilized people. Unfortunately, nature is not favorable to everyone and not everyone has endowed them with perfectly even teeth and a white smile. Today, modern Kiev dentistry allows you to take advantage of a unique opportunity to solve any problems that are associated with the oral cavity: anomaly of the dentition, advanced gum disease, lost teeth, teeth whitening, and so on.

Dental center is your healthy teeth

Today, professorial dentistry is a combination of advanced technologies, the use of the latest techniques, high-quality diagnostics and a staff of highly specialized doctors. This is an increased level of service and comfortable conditions for dental treatment. And in general, there are no queues, but advance recording by cell phone at any time convenient for you.

The best dentistry in Kiev consists of pain-free dental treatment and a long rehabilitation period. If you have problems in the oral cavity, you can contact our dental clinic. Experts with experience, thanks to advanced diagnostics, accurately diagnose and based on it, and clinical indications make the best decision to eliminate the disease.

With the help of new techniques, technological equipment and high-quality medicines, doctors have the opportunity to remove teeth for painless treatment and full recovery. For example, a laser device allows you to perform accurate diagnostics, but also a quick treatment of carious cavities and perform excellent prosthetics. Prostheses of excellent quality, made of high-quality materials, look quite aesthetically pleasing and make it possible not only to enjoy the advantages of healthy teeth, but also to eat any food.

As for dental treatment for children, the children’s dental clinic Kiev employs highly qualified and responsible dentists who can turn any medical manipulation into an exciting game. To date, children’s dentistry Kiev offers treatment and correction of the growth of teeth is always of excellent quality, and very favorable conditions for the baby.

Our dental clinic Kiev offers to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Wide range of services;
  • staff of qualified doctors;
  • excellent quality of work;
  • technological equipment of the latest generation;
  • the latest materials of excellent quality;
  • individual approach;
  • flexible prices;
  • guarantee of excellent quality of work;
  • discounts for regular customers;
  • convenient work schedule.

Remember, regular preventive examinations can prevent any diseases of the oral cavity. It’s worth saving your teeth. They not only decorate your smile, but also serve as a guarantor of the health of the whole body.

Dental clinic services

Our European dental clinic Kiev offers the following services:

1. Dental implants

Dental implantation is carried out using the latest semiconductor laser systems. As experience has shown, use when installing a dental implant:

  • Almost bloodless operation guaranteed;
  • Improving the integration of implants;
  • Prevention of postoperative complications;
  • Stimulation of immunity in the area of ​​intervention.
  • In addition, there is no need for an antibiotic, there is no postoperative swelling, and the healing time is reduced twice.
  • Our European dentistry has been offering its services for many years.

The latest solution is the restoration of lost bone tissue with osteoplastic material.

2. Features of prosthetics and orthopedic dentistry.

Our family dentistry Kiev offers all-ceramic restoration of teeth, which improves translucency and transparency.

3. Nylon dentures.

The use of a removable dental prosthesis made of medical grade nylon (USA) has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Excellent aesthetics.
  • Lightness, elasticity and increased reliability make it possible to use them in an extreme situation.
  • Excellent biocompatibility – no monomer and metal, and probable allergies.
  • Nylon is completely non-hygroscopic.
  • Caring method of dental prosthetics – does not require the preparation of adjacent rows.
  • Nylon prostheses have been widely used both for correcting a partial defect (1-2 teeth) and for full-fledged prosthetics.

4. Laser technique for dental treatment.

Dental treatment in our private clinic consists only of the latest technologies. One of them is considered to be a progressive technology that has recently emerged – these are adhesive photopolymer prostheses. They are usually made by doctors.

5. Laser whitening.

During laser whitening, a whitening gel is applied to the teeth, and the laser light can speed up the whitening. Whitening gels are based on hydrogen peroxide, which decomposes under laser radiation. Atomic oxygen is in the pigmented tissues of the teeth and whitens them.

This is just a small list of services provided by the clinic.

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