We work! The schedule of work during martial law from 9:00 to 19:00
We will celebrate our victory with a perfect smile!

Military personnel, first medical aid for acute pain (treatment, removal) is provided free of charge and on an emergency basis.

⚡A generator works in the REKODENT clinic - there is ALWAYS light on⚡


Work typeCost, uah
Preventive system (anti AIDS)100 uah.
x-ray picture200 uah.
Application30 uah.
Infiltration, conductive200 uah.
Prevention of caries, periodontitis:
Professional hygiene:
Ultrasonic cleaning, strip paste, "Air flow"1500 uah. (2 jaws)
Professional whitening "Ardenia Lumenis"1900 uah. (2 jaws)
Prevention of caries:
Fissure sealing (liquid photopolymer) one tooth800 uah.
Removal of sensitivity (one tooth)50 uah.
Removal of sensitivity (all teeth)400 uah.
Caries treatment:
Removing a filling70 uah.
Removing an amalgam filling90 uah.
Medical pad100 uah.
Insulating gasket (glass ionomer)150 uah.
Pin extraction250 uah.
Removal of a foreign body from a tooth canal300-500 uah.
Restoration of the tooth stump with photopolymer material300-500 uah.
Application of rubber dam150 uah.
Temporary filling100 uah.
Permanent fillings:
Photopolymer fillings Filtek Ultimate (USA), Gradio (Japan)1050 uah.
Restoration of teeth:
Filtek Ultimate1400-2000 uah.
Adhesive bridge
incisor, premolar1450 uah.
molar1700 uah.
Fiberglass800 uah.
Titanium200 uah.
Plasma therapy (strengthening gums)1 jaw 1500 uah.

2 jaws-2600 uah.
Periodontal cleaning with Gracie curettes900 uah. (1 segment)
Splinting of 3 teeth using a photopolymer splint800-1450 uah.
Therapeutic bandage for 1 jaw450 uah.
Lincomycin drug injection160 uah.
Injection of medicinal substance Traumeel C250 uah.
Hyaluronic acid injections into the gums
Complex stabilization in periodontal treatment with hyaluronic acid6000 uah.
Correction of the contour of the interdental papillae with injections of hyaluronic acid6000 uah.
Correction of gum recessions6000 uah.
Gingival smile correction6000 uah.
Machining 1k/k80 uah.
Treatment of complicated caries
Permanent obturation
Single canal tooth1200 uah.
Dual canal tooth1400 uah.
Three-channel tooth1800 uah.
Quadruple tooth1900 uah.
Temporary obturation
Single canal tooth900 uah.
Dual canal tooth1000 uah.
Three-channel tooth1200 uah.
Canal filling with FOREDENT paste
Single canal tooth430 uah.
Dual canal tooth500 uah.
Three-channel tooth570 uah.
Quadruple tooth630 uah.
Crowns, inlays, model diagnostician:
Making a temporary crown (in the laboratory)700 uah.
Making a temporary crown (in the office)450 uah.
Crown fixation300 uah.
Stump tab1400 uah.
Collapsible stump tab1800 uah.
One-piece crown750 uah.
Metal-ceramic crown 1 unit3100 uah.
Ceramic crown5800 uah.
All-ceramic zirconium oxide crown5800 uah.
Metal-plastic crown1000 uah.
Ceramic veneer5800 uah.
Ceramic inlay5100 uah.
Zirconium inlay5100 uah.
Impression taking
silicone mass "C"400 uah.
Removing the crown300 uah.
Clasp prosthesis on clasps6800 uah.
Clasp prosthesis lock fastening8200 uah.
Microbugel one-sided3100 uah.
Complete removable plate prosthesis4500 uah.
Removable partial dentures4200 uah.
Individual spoon300 uah.
Repair of a complete removable lamellar denture1200 uah.
Relining of the prosthesis1500 uah.
Single tooth welding1200 uah.
Kappa elastic protective1500 uah.
Nylon prosthesis6300 uah.
MPC (metal protective coating)80 uah.
Butterfly2000 uah.
Butterfly (nylon)3500 uah.
Bite roller200 uah.
Treatment of one tooth for prosthetics
under metal-ceramic crown30 uah.
under a metal-free crown50 uah.
Prosthetics on implants:
Gingiva former, abutment, cement-retained ceramic-metal crown8500 uah.
Gingiva former, abutment, screw-retained ceramic-metal crown10500 uah.
Facette6000 uah.
ConsultationIs free
Drawing up an orthodontic treatment planIs free
Analysis and interpretation of TRG400 uah.
Alginate impressionIs free
Silicone impressionIs free
Diagnostic model400 uah.
Removal of the antagonist tooth from the bite (for 1 unit)100 uah.
Making "Set-Up" (for diagnosis treatment)1000-1500 uah.
Bracket systems
Metal5300 uah.
Ceramicfrom 6000 uah.
Sapphirefrom 8500 uah.
Self-ligatingfrom 7500 uah.
Ceramic-self-ligatingfrom 12000 uah.
Lingualfrom 12500 uah.
Lingual-self-ligatingfrom 26000 uah.
Fixed orthodontic appliances
Twin Block6500 uah.
Jaw expansion apparatus6500 uah.
Plates and other apparatusfrom 2000 to 8000 uah.
Apparatus for rupture of the palatal suture6500 uah.
Bracket system maintenance
Activation bracket system metal 1 jaw500 uah.
Activation bracket system metal 2 jaws800 uah.
Activation bracket system ceramics 1 jaw500 uah.
Activation bracket system ceramics 2 jaws800 uah.
Replacing rubber bands200 uah.
Removing the bracket system1200 uah.
Fixed retainer1600 uah./ 1 jaw
Kappa after the end of treatment1500 uah.
Removal is simple850 uah.
Removal is difficult1400 uah.
Wisdom tooth removal1800 uah.
Atypical removal of a retained impacted wisdom tooth5000 uah.
Removal of neoplasms (benign)
on mucous membranes (fibromas, papillomas, cysts of small salivary glands)500-1000 uah.
on the alveolar processes (epulis, fibromas)250 uah.
Surgical interventions for orthopedic indications
Deepening of the vestibule of the mouth1500-2000 uah.
Surgical periodontology
Open curettage of dentogingival pockets with gingival plasty within 6 teeth550 uah.
Flap surgery within 6 teeth2000 uah.
Treatment of alveolitis (curettage, washing of the hole, dressing)250 uah.
Repeated dressings for alveolitis (antiseptic treatment)100 uah.
Stopping hole bleeding (hole revision, tamponade, hole suturing)250 uah.
Excision of the hood for pericoronitis300 uah.
Primary surgical treatment of wounds with suturing1000-1500 uah.
Removal of stitches100 uah.
Massage and washing of the ducts of the salivary glands150-250 uah.
Filling the hole with bone material "Collapol"120 uah.
Consultation and preparation of a treatment plan for diseases of the temporomandibular joints100 uah.
Surgical periodontology
Plasma therapy and bone grafting A-PRF
A-PRF (repair of bone with a membrane from one's own blood)2000 uah.
Two-stage implantation
MegaGen5500 uah.
IMPLANTS(Switzerland)7000 uah.
"Sinus lift" operation + cost of bone preparations and membranes according to the price listfrom 4000 uah.
Preparations osteoconductive and osteoinductive
Bio-ossfrom 1600 uah.
Bio-gen granulesfrom 1900 uah.
blocksfrom 6500 uah.
Osteoplant blocksfrom 9980 uah.
Physiograft testfrom 3980 uah.
Physiograft (powder, gel, block)from1620 uah.
Dynagraftfrom 4520 uah.
Collapan, osteoplast, HAPfrom 490 uah.
Tutoplastfrom 1600 uah.
Barrier membranes RESORBABLE
Biocollagenfrom 2700 uah.
Hyprororbfrom 850 uah.
Gore-Texfrom 3550 uah.
Bio-Guidefrom 4140 uah.
Paradontcolfrom 750 uah.

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