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According to recent studies, most people have some kind of bite problem. Many people think that orthodontics is exclusively for children. In fact, modern methods of treatment at the Reko Dent clinic allow you to correct the bite in adults Kyiv at any time. Make an appointment with a qualified orthodontist. He will conduct an examination, talk about modern methods of bite correction, and determine the most optimal treatment.

Correction of bite in adults Kyiv - key features

Modern methods of bite correction allow you to make a beautiful and correct smile at any age. Of course, it is easier to solve such a problem at a young age. In this case, surgical intervention is not required, and correction of the bite in children takes a minimum of time.

Adults need a comprehensive approach, the doctor performs various procedures, including using:

With the optimal method is determined by the doctor. He will take into account the current condition of the teeth, the age of the patient and determine the most optimal method. Most often, bite correction without tooth extraction is carried out with the use of braces. They can be located both inside and outside the dentition. In addition, systems are traditional and self-regulating.

Children's orthodontics

Dental health is a complex indicator, one of the components of which is the absence of orthodontic defects. According to statistics, about 90% of adults have one or another orthodontic problem, and it is best to correct such disorders in childhood – from 6 to 15 years of age. Orthodontic plates for teeth will help to do this.
What is dental plaque?
A standard plate is a structure made of soft polymer material and wire. Fixed on the upper or lower jaw. The installation process is much simpler than in the case of braces, and getting used to it takes less time and almost without discomfort.
The dental plate consists of the following main elements:

These are the simplest designs used for small orthodontic defects. In more serious cases, the effect can be enhanced by additional elements in the form of metal hooks.
In what cases are plates installed on the teeth?
Such designs have proven effectiveness in the correction and prevention of tooth growth and bite disorders.
Plates are used in the following cases:

Dental plates are not able to solve all orthodontic problems. For example, they are not used for crowded teeth or an open bite, and in some cases, wearing them is shown as the first stage of treatment (before installing braces).

How to correct an overbite without braces

The most popular method of correcting an overbite was braces. With their help, almost any problems were eliminated, and the price came out inexpensively. However, now orthodontics at the Reko Dent clinic has reached a completely new level, offering new, more worthy and effective solutions.
So, the correction of a deep bite in adults is carried out by trainers. They are distinguished by numerous advantages – they do not damage soft tissues, do not create discomfort or pain. They are worn for several hours, which allows you to solve the problem with malocclusion and related problems.
Mouthguards are also quite in demand lately. They are practically invisible, comfortable to use, they make it possible to make beautiful in a short time period.

Correction of bite surgically Kyiv prices are the most favorable in RecoDent

Certain pathologies require drastic action. The correction of the bite is surgically prescribed Kyiv prices depend on the general condition and complexity of the operation. All manipulations are performed under general anesthesia and involve an incision in the bone tissue. The recovery process after such an operation takes place over three weeks. After that, wearing braces can be prescribed.
Correcting an open bite with this method allows you to immediately get rid of many negative factors and quickly achieve such a desired result. In the Reko Dent clinic, such operations are carried out by highly qualified doctors with vast experience. Surgery is performed only after the appropriate diagnosis is made by the attending physician.

Work typeCost, uah
ConsultationIs free
Drawing up an orthodontic treatment planIs free
Analysis and interpretation of TRG400 uah.
Alginate impressionIs free
Silicone impressionIs free
Diagnostic model400 uah.
Removal of the antagonist tooth from the bite (for 1 unit)100 uah.
Making "Set-Up" (for diagnosis treatment)1000-1500 uah.
Bracket systems
Metal ORTOCLASSIK5300 uah.
Ceramicfrom 6000 uah.
Sapphirefrom 8500 uah.
Self-ligatingfrom 7500 uah.
Ceramic-self-ligatingfrom 12000 uah.
Lingualfrom 12500 uah.
Lingual-self-ligatingfrom 26000 uah.
Fixed orthodontic appliances
Twin Block6500 uah.
Jaw expansion apparatus6500 uah.
Plates and other apparatusfrom 2000 to 8000 uah.
Apparatus for rupture of the palatal suture6500 uah.
Bracket system maintenance
Activation bracket system metal 1 jaw500 uah.
Activation bracket system metal 2 jaws800 uah.
Activation bracket system ceramics 1 jaw500 uah.
Activation bracket system ceramics 2 jaws800 uah.
Replacing rubber bands200 uah.
Removing the bracket system1200 uah.
Fixed retainer1600 uah./ 1 jaw
Kappa after the end of treatment1500 uah.

How long does it take to correct an overbite?

The process of correcting an overbite without braces in adults can be very lengthy. Much depends on the degree of development of the abnormal process and the age of the patient. In some cases, it may take 3-4 years to completely eliminate all the consequences. In children, the jaws are just being formed and without any problems they lend themselves to the necessary adjustments.
Adult patients will need to be patient and not expect the desired result to be quickly achieved. On average, an adult will need to use various corrective systems for 2 years.
Correction of the mesial occlusion at the Reko Dent clinic is the best price in the city. At the same time, treatment will be carried out using the most modern technologies and under the supervision of experienced doctors. Thanks to this, all patients of dentistry receive the most effective treatment, which allows them to quickly correct their bite.

Treatment of orthodontic pathology using the RME device and a metal bracket system – Reco Dent

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