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Veneers are the thinnest dental overlays that allow you to eliminate aesthetic problems and make your smile snow-white in Hollywood. They imitate the natural tooth enamel and act as a ceramic or zirconium facing, correcting the shape and shade of the dental unit.

At a consultation in our dentistry, you will receive an individual treatment plan and find out what the price of turnkey veneers is in your personal case.

It is worth noting that veneers are not placed on chewing teeth, since they are not able to withstand significant loads (in this case, full-fledged crowns are used). Also, microprosthetics with veneers is not recommended for bruxism, malocclusion, severe destruction of the crown part of the teeth.

Each case is individual, and the dentist selects the method of microprosthetics based on the anatomical features of the client, his financial capabilities and the clinical picture.

How is the installation of veneers



Diagnosis and examination of the oral cavity is carried out, pictures are taken. Darkened dilapidated fillings need to be replaced, caries treated.



Teeth are ground (removed about 0.5-0.7 mm). For protection, the turned units are covered with temporary plastic structures.


Removal of casts.

A veneer is made for one tooth, so it is made strictly individually. The orthopedic dentist takes casts, they are transferred to the dental laboratory, where the dental technician creates a microprosthesis using them.



Porcelain veneers are created by pressing special blanks. The work itself takes 7-10 days.



Ready-made microprostheses are fixed on the teeth with permanent glue and the patient is invited to come after a while to check the result.

Important! What you need to know before getting veneers

After you install veneers, it will be impossible to remove them, because the enamel is removed from the surface of the teeth, and they lose their natural protection. Therefore, after 10-15 years, when the service life of ceramics is over, it will be necessary to re-manufacture and install new veneers or perform an artistic restoration procedure.

There are veneers without turning – they are also called Hollywood (or Lumineers). They are ultra-thin, no more than 0.3 mm, so they look as natural as possible. But the price of installing such veneers is at least 12 thousand uah per piece

Veneers: cost in Kyiv

The manufacture and installation of veneers is a complex and expensive technology. The cost of veneers for all teeth is affected by:

The price of composite veneers is lower than the cost of ceramic products, since they are less resistant to mechanical stress and staining with food dyes. Such designs serve 3-4 years.

The price of ceramic veneers is at least 3 times higher, which is fully justified by the high aesthetic characteristics and long service life of these products. Subject to regular hygiene care and compliance with the doctor’s recommendations, they will last up to 15 years.

How much does it cost to put veneers in Kyiv: the price of the service

Our dental clinic offers affordable prices for veneers due to the presence of its own dental laboratory and a staff of experienced professionals. We never save on quality and materials, we guarantee an impeccable result of the treatment performed.

Work typeCost, uah
Crowns, inlays, model diagnostician:
Making a diagnostic model100 uah.
Making a temporary crown (in the laboratory)700 uah.
Making a temporary crown (in the office)450 uah.
Crown fixation300 uah.
Stump tab1400 uah.
Collapsible stump tab1800 uah.
One-piece crown750 uah.
Metal-ceramic crown 1 unit3100 uah.
Ceramic crown5800 uah.
All-ceramic zirconium oxide crown5800 uah.
Metal-plastic crown1000 uah.
Ceramic veneer5800 uah.
Ceramic inlay5100 uah.
Zirconium inlay5100 uah.
Impression taking
silicone mass "C"400 uah.
Removing the crown300 uah.

To find out the exact cost of veneers for all teeth, consult a dentist at any convenient time by appointment.

Veneers Emax

We offer to install high-quality Emax veneers of the German brand. They are distinguished by increased strength and aesthetic appeal, do not absorb food dyes, and withstand high chewing loads. All these advantages are achieved due to the innovative technology of high-pressure baking of micro-prostheses. Thanks to this procedure, there are no defects and pores in the ceramic structure, and veneers can last up to 15 years, and in some cases even longer.

We maintain a democratic price level through the use of modern equipment and many years of experience of our team of specialists. The price of a veneer for 1 tooth in our dentistry is one of the most affordable in Kyiv. See for yourself by signing up for an individual consultation with our best specialist.

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