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Treatment of periodontal disease, periodontitis

Periodontology is a branch of modern dentistry aimed at treating the gums and surrounding tooth tissues. If earlier this problem was not considered seriously, now the periodontology service has become very popular. Bleeding gums are the first indication that professional treatment is needed. Moreover, you should not delay, because you can lose healthy teeth.

In what situations is modern periodontology needed?

Many serious diseases could be prevented if all people paid much more attention to the current state of the oral cavity. Modern periodontology becomes relevant in the following situations:

If similar symptoms are present, you should urgently visit the clinic so that the doctor can immediately perform the necessary treatment.

Periodontology includes the three most common diseases:


Inflammation of tissues in contact with the tooth. The most common problem is related to the fact that many people do not take good care of their oral cavity. If no action is taken, periodontitis will soon appear.


The key indicator is the formation of a periodontal pocket. The disease leads to the fact that after some time you can lose a tooth. Now periodontology treatment is so effective that after the first procedures, periodontitis completely recedes.

Periodontal disease.

The most dangerous disease, because it often occurs without symptoms. However, the consequences are the worst, serious problems occur in the tissues. That is why timely periodontology is needed. Current methods and technologies make it possible to quickly localize the disease and completely heal tissues and teeth.

Price for periodontology services at the RecoDent clinic

Work typeCost, uah
Plasma therapy (strengthening gums)1 jaw 1500 uah.

2 jaws-2600 uah.
Periodontal cleaning with Gracie curettes900 uah. (1 segment)
Splinting of 3 teeth using a photopolymer splint800-1450 uah.
Therapeutic bandage for 1 jaw450 uah.
Hyaluronic acid injections into the gums
Complex stabilization in periodontal treatment with hyaluronic acid6000 uah.
Correction of the contour of the interdental papillae with injections of hyaluronic acid6000 uah.
Correction of gum recessions6000 uah.
Gingival smile correction6000 uah.
Machining 1k/k80 uah.

Prevention and professional dentistry, periodontology

To rule out the disease, you need constant oral hygiene. Professional dentistry – periodontology is also mandatory once every six months. The specialist will perform a comprehensive cleaning of the teeth, thus removing all dangerous elements and possible gum disease.
If you need quality periodontology in Kyiv, you should make an appointment at the RecoDent clinic. Qualified specialists with vast experience work here. They have the most modern methods of treatment, which allows you to quickly cope with any diseases. Yes, now the clinic offers a modern preventive procedure of plasma lifting periodontology. With its help, painful sensations are removed, bleeding is stopped, wounds are healed, and an unpleasant smell is removed.
RecoDent dentistry is distinguished by the most modern equipment, as well as the most affordable price for all services. If you are interested in detailed information, make an appointment. The doctor will conduct an examination, inform the periodontology of the price and necessary procedures. Each case is unique, so individual treatment is developed for all patients. This approach allows you to achieve the maximum effect in the shortest possible time.
The list of services at the clinic is extensive. Even now, state-of-the-art periodontology is available, which allows you to quickly have a beautiful smile. Contact our managers and make an appointment with a specialist.

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