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Bracket system

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Metal bracket systems
5300 UAH.
Ceramic bracket systems
6000 UAH.
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Install braces in Kyiv at a good price

What are braces?

Braces are non-removable structures for correcting the position of teeth due to unevenness of the dentition. The structure consists of braces and an orthodontic arch. They are attached to each tooth separately and are designed to transmit force from the arch, under the pressure of which the tooth row is rebuilt into a normal position.

Braces are the safest, painless, effective and time-proven way to solve such problems, which guarantees results.

What is more important: installing and wearing braces does not damage tooth enamel.

Why treatment of unevenness of the dentition is important

In the presence of such problems, plaque accumulates on the teeth, which later leads to caries, inflammation of the gums, and even tooth loss, aesthetic problems. If the problem of unevenness of the tooth row is ignored, the disease will only progress.

As we can see, the elimination of problems related to the unevenness of the tooth row, incorrect bite is very important not only from the point of view of aesthetics, but also from the point of view of medicine. And the experienced specialists of the Recodent dental clinic will help you choose the right treatment.

What types of braces can you install at the "Recodent" dental clinic?

Bracket systems are divided into types depending on the type of material from which they are made, the type of impact mechanism and the type of fixation.

Types of braces by type of material

Metal braces

They are often called traditional or regular braces. This type of braces has been used in dentistry for many years to this day. Their advantages: speed of treatment, strength of construction and budgetary cost. From the disadvantages - aesthetic appearance - they are noticeable during wear.

Ceramic braces

Unlike metal braces, ceramic braces are more aesthetic: they are practically invisible. At the same time, ceramic braces have all the same advantages as metal braces.

Sapphire braces

Sapphire braces are even more invisible when worn than ceramic braces. They let all the light through, which makes the bracket itself 90% invisible. Compared to ceramic braces, sapphire braces are not inferior in speed of treatment, but they are inferior in strength of construction.

Damon Clear systems by Damon Q

Damon is the most popular and time-tested bracket system on the market. Damon Q are metal braces, Damon Clear are ceramic braces.

The cost of bracket systems

The cost of treatment with braces depends on the complexity of the clinical case, the duration of treatment and the choice of the type of brace system.

In the Recodent dental clinic, you will be able to choose an effective, and most importantly, an affordable solution to your problem. Our specialists will select an individual treatment for each client.

Work typeCost, uah
ConsultationIs free
Drawing up an orthodontic treatment planIs free
Analysis and interpretation of TRG400 uah.
Alginate impressionIs free
Silicone impressionIs free
Diagnostic model400 uah.
Removal of the antagonist tooth from the bite (for 1 unit)100 uah.
Making "Set-Up" (for diagnosis treatment)1000-1500 uah.
Bracket systems
Metal ORTOCLASSIK5300 uah.
Ceramicfrom 6000 uah.
Sapphirefrom 8500 uah.
Self-ligatingfrom 7500 uah.
Ceramic-self-ligatingfrom 12000 uah.
Lingualfrom 12500 uah.
Lingual-self-ligatingfrom 26000 uah.
Fixed orthodontic appliances
Twin Block6500 uah.
Jaw expansion apparatus6500 uah.
Plates and other apparatusfrom 2000 to 8000 uah.
Apparatus for rupture of the palatal suture6500 uah.
Bracket system maintenance
Activation bracket system metal 1 jaw500 uah.
Activation bracket system metal 2 jaws800 uah.
Activation bracket system ceramics 1 jaw500 uah.
Activation bracket system ceramics 2 jaws800 uah.
Replacing rubber bands200 uah.
Removing the bracket system1200 uah.
Fixed retainer1600 uah./ 1 jaw
Kappa after the end of treatment1500 uah.

How is the treatment of irregularities of the dentition with the help of braces

Treatment takes place in the following stages:


Installation of braces.

Special preparation for installation of bracket systems is not required. If the patient has other dental problems at the time of installation, the treatment of most of them is carried out already in the process of wearing braces, thereby saving time and not spending it on preparation. The bracket system is standard and does not require an individual order.


Wearing braces

In the process of wearing braces, the patient is assigned a schedule of visits to the dentist, during which the necessary manipulations are carried out, and the treatment is monitored.


Removing braces.

Removing braces is as safe as possible for enamel and without other problems, if the patient followed all the recommendations of the dentist.
After removing the braces, fixing structures are installed on the teeth: retainers or mouthguards. They do not cause any discomfort and are invisible. The term of wearing retainers is 3 years.


Installation of braces for children and adults.

The actual installation of braces for both an adult and a child is the same, with the exception that the treatment process for a child is faster than for an adult.

Answers to questions

The main difference between these two types of bracket systems is that ceramic structures are less visible on the teeth, because the color of the material is close to the natural shade of the teeth, and it looks more aesthetic.

Yes, it is possible to correct the bite by installing braces on only one jaw. But this is possible only if the dentist is 100% sure of the effectiveness of this method.

It is impossible to install braces on one tooth. In contrast to the installation of braces on several teeth, this is called a partial correction. This method is used in the case of a local defect in the dentition.

When using a brace system, you need to pay special attention to the care of your teeth. You will need special tools (orthodontic toothbrush, interdental brushes, etc.) Do not forget about regular visits to the dentist.

When wearing braces, orthodontic structures move the tooth row from its usual position to the correct one. Therefore, the process of correcting violations of the dentition brings a little discomfort. But only in the first stages.

Systemic diseases that significantly complicate the general condition of the patient.

Diseases in which the process of healing and restoration of bone tissue is disturbed.

It is impossible to speed up the process, because the teeth can move a little more than 1 mm per month.

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