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Military personnel, first medical aid for acute pain (treatment, removal) is provided free of charge and on an emergency basis.

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Therapeutic dentistry

Dental treatment Kyiv should be carried out in a timely manner. A visit to the doctor at an early stage leads to the fact that the treatment is carried out in a gentle mode and a complete recovery is achieved. If you start the situation, you can completely lose a tooth or the recovery process will be long and difficult. Modern dentistry is a completely painless process that allows you to cope with various diseases. In addition, dental treatment under general anesthesia Kyiv is possible.

In what situations urgent dental treatment is required Kyiv

It is necessary to contact the clinic if the following symptoms appear:

Many diseases, especially in the early stages, proceed without obvious signs; visually, the tooth may look quite healthy. That is why you should visit the clinic at least once every six months to conduct a preventive examination. Modern methods of examination allow fixing diseases at the earliest stages and timely treatment of dental canals.

What treatment during pregnancy is carried out in RecoDent

Even if you apply at the very last moment, Reko Dent dentistry specialists will do everything possible to keep the tooth. Most often, the clinic is contacted to treat the following diseases:


Almost all adults face this problem. The peculiarity of this disease is that it is formed imperceptibly. Bone tissue slowly softens and opens the way for bacteria to enter. In such a situation, dental treatment Kyiv price will depend on the current stage of the disease. The sooner you apply, the faster and cheaper it will be to eliminate caries and its consequences.


Inflammatory processes inside the tooth are a consequence of neglected caries. Today, the clinic uses the most modern treatment technologies to keep nerves and teeth alive.


Another serious complication against the background of caries. A complex and complex dental treatment is required under general anesthesia. The price of Ukraine will depend on the current state of the molars and surrounding tissues.

Gum disease.

At the beginning there are no symptoms, so the disease starts. The destruction of bone tissue begins, the gums descend from the roots, the teeth loosen and fall out.

The Reko Dent clinic uses the most advanced treatment methods to achieve excellent results even in the most difficult situations. Experienced specialists diagnose any diseases in a timely manner and select the most effective procedures for their elimination.

Why choose RecoDent clinic

Today, most people try to monitor their health. You need to start with the teeth and gums. That is why many prefer the lunar calendar for dental treatment on time, with the involvement of the most qualified specialists.

The Reko Dent Clinic stands out for its numerous advantages:

Price list for therapeutic dentistry services of the RecoDent clinic

Work typeCost, uah
Application30 uah.
Infiltration, conductive200 uah.
Prevention of caries, periodontitis:
Professional hygiene:
Ultrasonic cleaning, strip paste, "Air flow"1500 uah. (2 jaws)
Professional whitening "Ardenia Lumenis"1900 uah. (2 jaws)
Prevention of caries:
Fissure sealing (liquid photopolymer) one tooth800 uah.
Removal of sensitivity (one tooth)50 uah.
Removal of sensitivity (all teeth)400 uah.
Caries treatment:
Removing a filling70 uah.
Removing an amalgam filling90 uah.
Medical pad100 uah.
Insulating gasket (glass ionomer)150 uah.
Pin extraction250 uah.
Removal of a foreign body from a tooth canal300-500 uah.
Restoration of the tooth stump with photopolymer material300-500 uah.
Application of rubber dam150 uah.
Temporary filling100 uah.
Permanent fillings:
Photopolymer fillings Filtek Ultimate (USA), Gradio (Japan)1050 uah.

By choosing the presented clinic, you get high-quality diagnostics, as well as professional dental treatment for guards.
If you experience discomfort, immediately make an appointment. Timely access to a doctor is a guarantee that the disease will be quickly and easily eliminated. The prices for all procedures in the clinic are the most affordable, while the consultation is free. On it, the doctor will draw up a treatment plan and tell you in detail about the necessary procedures. It remains only to visit the doctor’s office several times to eliminate all diseases and fully restore a beautiful smile.

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