Occlusal rehabilitation


In Reco Dent, orthodontics is one of the most developed dental directions. It turns out that nine out of ten patients need the services of an orthodontist. However, often a person, even knowing that he or she needs to correct the bite, ignores it without asking for help. But he/she should not. A sloppy attitude to one’s own teeth is fraught with the rapid formation of the tooth stone, premature tooth and gums abrasion, the appearance of interdental caries, which necessitates the early dental prosthetic rehabilitation, implantation.

The following methods are used in modern dentistry for the correction of dentition anomalies:

– instrumental (occlusal rehabilitation with braces);

– surgical;

– instrumental and surgical;

– functional (training, therapeutic exercises).

As regards modern medical constructions used for the bite correction (braces), then depending on the material the braces are:

– metal;

– ceramic;

– plastic;

– combined;

– gold.

Depending on arrangement on the teeth, braces are divided into:

– lingual (located on the inner side of the teeth);

– vestibular (located outside the dentition).

Depending on the way of fixing the arc to locks, the braces are:

– traditional;

– self-regulating (ligature free).


The problem of afunctional occlusion is relevant for many adults no less than for children. Being in constant search for the most aesthetic ways to improve occlusion at an affordable price, the patient’s choice in this case is based on a balance of financial possibilities and aesthetics. In order to facilitate your choice to some extent, we present the main types of bracket systems that are widely used at the Recodent Clinic.


The appearance, price, speed of the teeth shifting – all this differs for various bracket systems for occlusal rehabilitation. Therefore, the cost of such a service naturally depends on the chosen system.


Such braces have been introduced as a cost-saving alternative to metal bracket systems. A wide range of colors of the material makes it possible to choose a shade that is closest to the natural color of the teeth. Plastic braces are almost as invisible as sapphire or ceramic ones.

Most of those who faced the problem of afunctional occlusion, does not welcome treatment with braces and in every way tries to conceal it. However, there are those who readily emphasize such “an interesting things” on their teeth. For the latter, there is a great opportunity to do it – to order plastic multicolored braces. The problem of pigmentation of plastic braces is also solvable thanks to such colored braces. So, for heavy smokers, it will be logical to choose plastic brackets of yellowish color, but for those who like ripe berries – bright shades of braces that will smooth out the coloring effect.

METAL BRACKETS – a classic of the genre

The most affordable and versatile braces. Classic metal braces fastened on the outer surface of the teeth are not very aesthetic, since they are very noticeable, but at the same time they remain popular today. There are also other types of metal braces that are attached to the inner surface of the teeth and are less noticeable; however, a patient will need much more time to get used to such braces, because they are fixed from the tongue side. This can cause speech impairment, pain in the teeth, discomfort when chewing and swallowing.


Do you think that braces can be useful to a person solely as a correcting device? Wrong. Modern sapphire braces, in addition to their direct destination, also play the role of a real decoration for your teeth. Such braces are made of artificially grown sapphires absolutely harmless to the human body. They do not cause any allergic reactions, are considered the most aesthetic of all vestibular systems due to their ability to reflect daylight. These braces are more transparent than ceramic ones, so before installing this type of braces, it is recommended to carry out the teeth whitening procedure.

They do not change their color in use, so for use, the patient shall only be very careful with this type of braces, that is – do not expose them to excessive mechanical stress, use less food that requires great effort when biting and chewing.


Orthodontists throughout the world recognize ceramic braces as one of the most aesthetic due to similarity with the tooth enamel’s color. Installation of such braces does not require the teeth whitening. Ceramic braces are almost identical to sapphire in durability, but they are significantly inferior to metal ones. The ceramics itself can crumble, so ceramic braces made require more careful handling. In general, ceramic braces deserve the highest marks due to the aesthetics, practicality in use, and the adequate price and quality ratio.

The Recodent Clinic offers a full range of orthodontic services, including occlusal rehabilitation in adults and children.

Treatment of orthodontic pathology using the RME machine and a metal bracket system – Reco Dent