Occlusal rehabilitation

According to recent studies, most people have certain problems with bite. Many people believe that orthodontics is an exclusively children’s direction. In fact, modern treatment methods at the Reko Dent clinic allow you to correct occlusion in adults Kiev at any time. Make an appointment with a qualified orthodontist. He will conduct an examination, talk about modern methods of bite correction, determine the most optimal treatment.

Adult occlusion correction Kiev – key features

Modern methods of bite correction allow you to make a smile beautiful and correct at any age. Of course, solving a similar problem is easier at a young age. In this case, surgery is not required, and correcting the occlusion in children takes a minimum of time.

Adults need an integrated approach, the doctor conducts various procedures, including using:

  • various braces – ceramic, metal, sapphire, plastic,
  • clear mouth guards
  • trainers
  • records.

With the optimal method, the doctor determines. It will take into account the current condition of the teeth, the age of the patient and determine the most optimal method. Most often, occlusion correction without tooth extraction is performed using braces. They can be located both inside and outside the dentition. In addition, the systems are traditional and self-regulatory.

How is the correction of the bite without braces

The most popular bite correction method was braces. With their help, they eliminated almost any problems, and the price came out inexpensively. However, now the orthodontics at the Reko Dent Clinic have reached a completely new level, offering new, more worthy and effective solutions.

So, correction of a deep bite in adults is carried out by trainers. They are distinguished by numerous advantages – they do not damage soft tissues, do not create discomfort or pain. They are worn for several hours, which allows us to solve the problem with malocclusion and related problems.

Also, mouthguards have been quite in demand lately. They are practically invisible, comfortable to use, they make it possible to make beautiful in a short period of time.

Surgical occlusion correction Kiev prices are the most favorable in Dent River

Certain pathologies require cardinal action. Surgical bite correction is prescribed. Kiev prices depend on the general condition and complexity of the operation. All manipulations are performed under general anesthesia and involve an incision in bone tissue. The recovery process after such an operation takes place over three weeks. After that, braces can be assigned.

Correction of an open bite using this method allows you to immediately get rid of many negative factors and quickly achieve the desired result. In the Reko Dent clinic, such operations are performed by highly qualified doctors with extensive experience. Surgical intervention is carried out only after the appropriate diagnosis is made by the attending physician.

How long does it take to correct a bite?

The process of correcting malocclusion without braces in adults can be very lengthy. Much depends on the degree of development of the abnormal process and the age of the patient. In some cases, the full elimination of all consequences may take 3-4 years. In children, the jaws only form and, without any problems, lend themselves to the necessary adjustments.

Adult patients will need to be patient and not expect that the desired result will be quickly achieved. On average, an adult will need to use various corrective systems for 2 years.

Correction of a mesial bite The price in the Reko Dent clinic is the best in the city. In this case, treatment will be carried out using the most modern technologies and under the supervision of experienced doctors. Thanks to this, all patients in dentistry receive the most effective treatment that allows them to quickly correct the bite.

Treatment of orthodontic pathology using an RME apparatus and a metal bracket system – Reco Dent