Dental prosthetic rehabilitation

Dental prosthetics in dentistry is a popular service with which you can restore tooth tissue, replace lost teeth and get an impeccable beautiful smile. Today, the possibilities of prosthetics are quite wide, and modern materials are used for treatment, which allow achieving the maximum result.

Dental prosthetics in modern dentistry

Every person at least once in a life is faced with a situation where the restoration of damaged and lost teeth is necessary. However, if the tooth is lost and this defect is not noticeable when laughing or talking, then the question of the need for prosthetics, as a rule, does not arise. In this case, it is enough to consult a specialist who, after a thorough diagnosis of the oral cavity, will say whether inexpensive prosthetics are necessary in Kiev.

The main goal of prosthetics is to restore the function of both the lost tooth and the entire chewing apparatus. An adult has a considerable number of teeth, but despite this, sometimes the loss of even one tooth can cause a breakdown from the oral cavity or even the digestive system. This problem can be solved with the help of prosthetics in the Reko Dent clinic.

Full or partial dental prosthetics is, first of all, a complex treatment, which includes the rehabilitation of the dentition. If the patient has gum disease, caries, or other processes occurring in the tooth tissues, competent treatment aimed at eliminating pathologies is required. Highly qualified specialists will carry out diagnostics and only after that they will tell you about the need for a particular procedure in an accessible form for you. If you are shown prosthetics, they will determine which method and material for the prosthesis will be most effective.

When the dentition is healthy, experienced doctors using the best materials and modern technologies will perform dental prosthetics. Prices are quite reasonable.

In the dental clinic “Reco Dent” (Kiev) the best methods of prosthetics are available:

  • With ceramic inlays.
  • Using metal crowns and aesthetic non-metal ceramics.
  • Bridge prostheses.
  • Crowns from the latest generation material – zirconium dioxide.
  • Aesthetic reconstruction (restoration) – viniring.

Only a specialist after an examination of the oral cavity can tell which prosthetics method is better. It depends on the scale of the problem, indications, the general state of health of the patient, as well as his financial capabilities.

Each patient wants the prosthetics to be performed professionally, and at the same time the price of dental prosthetics was low. That is why it is so important to consult a competent specialist in a clinic with the best modern equipment and high-quality materials. All doctors of Reko Dent have extensive professional experience and will perform high-quality prosthetics. Prices will be quite affordable.

By means of prosthetics at the Reko Dent clinic it is possible:

  • To restore a damaged / lost tooth by installing a bridge, crown.
  • Reinforce the tooth with the support pin.
  • Restore the functions of pronunciation, chewing.
  • Improve the color and shape of teeth by installing ultra-thin veneers.

In addition, prosthetics will help to eliminate certain pathologies in the musculo-articular apparatus.

Inexpensive dental prosthetics in Kiev

A beautiful snow-white smile is an integral part of the image of a modern successful person and often attracts others. Today, with the help of technology and modern materials, it is possible to bring the smile closer to the ideal.

If treatment and prosthetics are required, prices are not high, contact Reko Dent. Here you will receive a full range of services from consultation and prevention to complex prosthetics with implants. For prosthetics, the price of Kiev is one of the most profitable.

Dentistry from Reko Dent has been providing clients with the best methods of treatment and prosthetics for many years and gives magic smiles. Professionalism and maximum responsibility – the basic principle of the clinic, trust your health to the best!