Strengthening the gums with plasma-lifting pricks with periodontitis and periodontal disease

A beautiful smile is not only perfectly straight and white teeth, but also completely healthy gums. The difficulty is that many people absolutely do not pay attention to the state of the gums, which leads to the appearance of such dangerous diseases as periodontal disease, gingivitis, periodontitis. Tissue disease causes many inconveniences and leads to complete loss of teeth. Only professional strengthening of the gums Kiev will restore the health of the oral cavity.

Plasmolifting – effective gum strengthening Kiev

In the process of treating gums, a wide variety of technologies are used to achieve the desired result. Most often used plasma lifting. The essence of this method is that platelet plasma injections are given. For this, a minimal volume of blood is taken from the patient’s vein. From it, with the help of special manipulations, a plasma saturated with platelets is prepared. Subsequently, it is introduced into those areas where the disease progresses greatly.

Such gum strengthening during periodontal disease is carried out by specialists of the Recodent clinic. Thanks to this procedure, it turns out quickly:

  • remove bleeding gums,
  • to strengthen the tissues surrounding the tooth,
  • solve the problem of loosening the teeth,
  • give the gums a healthy look
  • conduct a powerful prevention of various diseases.

Plasmolifting is a completely safe procedure, allergic reactions or other side effects are excluded. This strengthening of the gums of the teeth is highly effective. Literally after the first procedure, the disease recedes and positive dynamics are observed.

Laser Gum Strengthening

Another affordable gum repair method at Recodent Clinic is the use of a special laser. With this procedure, various diseases and consequences are quickly eliminated. Laser gum strengthening is performed by an experienced doctor. He directs the beam to the damaged areas, skipping healthy areas. Such treatment has several important advantages:

  • operative removal of discomfort in the oral cavity,
  • gum is restored and provides an optimal fit to the tooth,
  • excellent therapeutic result.
  • operative therapy
  • gums are not damaged.

Strengthening teeth and gums with this method should not be afraid, since the procedure is completely painless and does not cause any unpleasant sensations. Thanks to laser therapy, strong inflammatory processes are quickly removed, loosening and decay of the teeth are excluded. The treated surface with a laser is disinfected and disinfected. Gums begin to recover quickly, take a healthy look. Such strengthening of the gums and teeth is prescribed by the attending physician, but only after examination and studies.

Professional gum strengthening in Kiev

If there are certain problems with the gums, you should immediately make an appointment with the dentist at the Recodent clinic. An experienced specialist will conduct an examination and determine the procedures that allow for the most productive strengthening and treatment of bleeding gums. All procedures are painless and performed using the most modern equipment. After several visits, a positive trend appears, the disease recedes, the gums recover.

Applying to the Recodent Clinic is distinguished by the following advantages:

  • an impressive list of services is available,
  • strengthening of gum bone tissue is carried out by highly qualified specialists,
  • the availability of the most modern equipment and materials,
  • the possibility of making an appointment at a convenient time,
  • reasonable prices for all procedures.

The clinic uses the most modern technologies and methods for treating gums. Regardless of the stage of the disease, doctors will do everything possible to preserve the tooth and restore the health of the gums. In addition, they will definitely advise how to independently strengthen the teeth and gums products, which are better to use for this. Adhering to the recommendations and regularly visiting the doctor, you can keep your smile healthy and beautiful for a long time.