цены стоматологии Recodent

Type of workPrice, UAH
Preventive system (anti-AIDS)60 UAH
Consultation, treatment planFree
Emergency assistance600 UAH
X-ray110 UAH
Application30 UAH
Infiltration, conductive90 UAH
Prevention of caries, periodontitis:
Professional hygiene:
Polishing paste, strip300 UAH
Ultrasonic cleaning, strip, paste600 UAH (2 persons)
Air flow complex 800 UAH (2 persons)
Ardenia Lumenis professional whitening 1900 UAH (2 persons)
Prevention of caries:
Fissure sealing (liquid photopolymer) one tooth200 UAH
Desensitization (one tooth)50 UAH
Desensitization (all teeth)400 UAH
Treatment of caries:
Filling removal70 UAH
Removal of an amalgam filling90 UAH
Pulp cap100 UAH
Insulating cap (glass ionomer)150 UAH
Pin removal250 UAH
Removal of a foreign body from the tooth canal300-500 UAH
Restoration of a tooth stump using photopolymer material300-500 UAH
Cofferdam application90 UAH
Temporary filling50 UAH
Parapaste application100 UAH
Permanent filling:
Glass ionomer filling:
Surface caries500 UAH
Deep caries640 UAH
Photopolymer filling Filtek Ultimate (USA)
Surface caries600 UAH
Median caries780 UAH
Deep caries900 UAH
Gradio (Japan):
Surface caries520 UAH
Median caries620 UAH
Deep caries700 UAH
Dental restoration:
Filtek Ultimate1100-2000 UAH
Gradio-d (Japan)950-1600 UAH
Bonded bridge
Incisor, premolar1450 UAH
Molar1700 UAH
Fiberglass300 UAH
Titanium200 UAH
Periodontitis treatment:
Splinting of 3 teeth using photopolymer splint800-1450UAH
Non-surgical debridement of a periodontal pocket120 UAH
Introduction of a drug into the pocket area 1 50 UAH
Medical bandage on 1 jaw450 UAH
Injection of Lincomycin160 UAH
Injection of Traumeel C250 UAH
Treatment of complicated caries:
Canal filling (manual processing):
Canal processing with medical instruments:
Mechanical processing of 1 canal80 UAH
Medicated treatment of 1 canal100 UAH
Repeated medicated treatment of 1 canal50 UAH
Permanent obturation
Single canal tooth240 UAH
Two-canal tooth360 UAH
Three canal tooth470 UAH
Four canal tooth540 UAH
Canal filling (mechanical processing):
Canal processing with medical instruments, 1 canal:
Mechanical processing of 1 canal280 UAH
Medicated treatment of 1 canal100 UAH
Repeated medicated treatment of 1 canal50 UAH
Permanent obturation
Single canal tooth250 UAH
Two-canal tooth350 UAH
Three canal tooth450 UAH
Four canal tooth520 UAH
Canal filling with FORRENTENT paste
Single canal tooth430 UAH
Two-canal tooth500 UAH
Three canal tooth570 UAH
Four canal tooth630 UAH
Other manipulations:
Repeated medicated treatment of 1 canal70 UAH
Removal of filling, 1 canal270-470 UAH
intracoronal whitening of the devital tooth240 UAH
Krezodent injection into a canal (1 tooth)140 UAH
US processing, 1 canal50 UAH
Calcium hydroxide , 1 canal80 UAH
Pre-endodontic restoration150 UAH
Crowns, inlays, diagnostic models:
Making a diagnostic model100 UAH
Making a temporary crown (in the laboratory)350 UAH
Making a temporary crown (in the office)300 UAH
Crown fixing240 UAH
Temporary fixation of the crown180 UAH
Inlay core450 UAH
Inlay core, split cast470 UAH
Whole piece inlays650 UAH
Metal ceramic crown 1 pcs1700 UAH
Metal ceramic crown 1 pcs with a shoulder1900 UAH
Ceramic crown3300 UAH
Zirconia cap3000 UAH
Reinforced-plastic cap1000 UAH
Plastic cap450 UAH
Ceramic veneer3800UAH
Ceramic inlay2900 UAH
Zirconia inlay2900 UAH
Impression taking
alginate mass100 UAH
silicone mass “C”200 UAH
silicone mass “A”350 UAH
Crown removal
Cast crown240 UAH
Dental prosthetic rehabilitation:
Clasp dental prosthesis4500 UAH
Clasp prosthesis with interference fixation5100 UAH
One sided microbugel3100 UAH
Inlay replacement400 UAH
Removable full laminar prosthesis2700 UAH
Removable partial laminar prosthesis2300 UAH
Custom tray300 UAH
Repair of removable full laminar prosthesis450 UAH
Relocation of the prosthesis350 UAH
Welding one tooth400 UAH
Relocation of a removable prosthesis MJ630 UAH
Relocation of a removable prosthesis IJ590 UAH
Mouth guard elastic protective430 UAH
Nylon prosthesis3700 UAH
MPC (metal protective coating)80 UAH
Butterfly850 UAH
Butterfly (Nylon)1600 UAH
Bite-block120 UAH
Treatment of one tooth for dental prosthetic rehabilitation
for a metal ceramic crown30UAH
For a metal-free crown50 UAH
Dental prosthetic rehabilitation using implants:
Healing abutment, abutment, metal-ceramic crown on cement fixation6500 UAH
Healing abutment, abutment, metal-ceramic crown on screw fixation7500 UAH
Healing abutment, abutment, zirconium oxide crown8500 UAH
Orthodontic treatment planFree
Analysis and interpretation of TRH400 UAH
Alginate impressionFree
Silicone impressionFree
Diagnostic model400 UAH
Removal of the antagonist from the occlusion (for 1 pcs)100 UAH
Set-Up making for the treatment diagnosis 1000-1500 UAH
Removable orthodontic appliance
One jaw2000 UAH
Inter jaw2700 UAH
Two jaws3000-5000 UAH
Activation of the orthodontic appliance80 UAH
Correction of the orthodontic appliance100 UAH
Repair of the orthodontic appliance800 UAH
Pediatric overdenture restoration
simple1500 UAH
complicated 2500 UAH
Permanent orthodontic appliances
Biteplate with ring supports3000 UAH
Apparatus for the rapid maxillary expansion4000 UAH
Bracket system for 1 jaw
metal5000 UAH
ceramicот 7000 UAH
sapphireот 12000 UAH
lingualот 17000 UAH
Maintenance of a bracket system
Activation of a braces system, per 1 jaw150 UAH.
Replacing the metal arc without coating200 UAH
Replacing the metal arc with coating350 UAH
Gluing braces, lock200 UAH
Gluing of a new braces, lock300 UAH
Knob installation200 UAH
Ring with lock300 UAH
Arc replacement (lingual)450-700 UAH
Curved arc400-500 UAH
Ring with palatal tube350 UAH
Crown with lock600 UAH
Mouth guard after treatment1000 UAH
Elastic aligner on the two jaws9000 UAH
Retention apparatus3500 UAH
Fixing the 1st lock of a “third-part” bracket-system of 1 jaw1500 UAH
Removal of a “third-part” bracket-system from 1 jaw1000 UAH
Application of a fixed retainer on the tooth200 UAH
Upon the informed consent
Frankel appliance5000 UAH
Tvin Blok5500 UAH
Distal Jet on MJ4500 UAH
Distal Jet on IJ5000 UAH
Spase maker2000-2500 UAH
Lip bamper4500 UAH
Micro implant4000 UAH
Face maskот 1500 UAH
Face arch2500 UAH
Myogymnasticsот 450 UAH
Simple removal of single root tooth350 UAH
Simple removal of multiroot tooth450-550 UAH
Atypical removal; removal of retinal teeth1500-1900 UAH
Milk tooth extraction during physiological change350 UAH
Extraction of a milk tooth in case of complicated caries350 UAH
Root amputation of the anterior teeth1000 UAH
Root amputation of molars and premolars1200 UAH
Complicated multiroot tooth extraction750 UAH
Compactosteotomy (osteoperforation) of one tooth250 UAH
Frenulo-plasty and glosso-plasty in children800-1500 UAH
Elimination of gingival atrophy in the area of 1-2 teeth by coronal displacement of flaps and application of bioresorbable membranes1000-1500 UAH
Elimination of gingival atrophy in the area of 1-2 teeth by coronal displacement of flaps and application of bioresorbable membranes
Bleeding control (tamponade, suturing of the hole)180 UAH
Removal of benign neoplasms
on mucous membranes (fibromas, papillomas, cysts of the small salivary glands)500-1000 UAH
on the dental arch (epulis, fibroids)250 UAH
Surgical interventions for orthopedic indications
Deepening the vestibulum1500-2000 UAH
Surgical periodontology
Surgical debridement of dentogingival pockets with ginigivo-plastic, up to 6 teeth550 UAH
Flap surgery, up to 6 teeth 2000 UAH
Flap surgery, up to 6 teeth200 UAH
Treatment of alveolitis (debridement, washing the socket, dressing)250 UAH
Re-dressings for alveolitis (antiseptic treatment)100 UAH
Control of socket bleeding (socket revision, tamponade, suturing of the socket)120 UAH
Hood resection in case of pericoronitis300 UAH
Primary surgical treatment of wounds with suturing1000-1500 UAH
Removal of sutures100 UAH
Massage and lavage of the salivary glands150-250 UAH
Filling the socket with Collapol bone material 120 UAH
Consultation and preparation of a treatment plan for diseases of the temporomandibular joints100 UAH
Two-stage implantation
DIO UF (South Korea)11000 UAH
Аlfa Dent (Germany)10000 UAH
SHTRAUMAN (Switzerland)18000 UAH
Temporary implantот 12000 UAH
Sinus-lift operation + cost of bone preparations and membranes according to the price listот 4000 UAH
Osteoconductive and osteoinductive preparations
Bio-ossот 1600 UAH
Bio-gen granulesот 1900 UAH
Blocksот 6500 UAH
Osteoplant blocksот 9980 UAH
Fisiograft testот 3980 UAH
Fisiograft (powder, gel, block)от 1620 UAH
Dinagraftот 4520 UAH
Kollapan, osteoplat, GAPот 490 UAH
Tutoplastот 1600 UAH
Barrier membranes RESORBABLE
Biocollagenот 2700 UAH
Hyprororbот 850 UAH
Gore-Texот 3550 UAH
Bio-Guideот 4140 UAH
Paradontkolот 750 UAH