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Compicated surgeries udner medication sleep

If you need to treat several teeth or make a complex and painful operation on the gums, there is a need for anesthesia. Most often, a local injection is made to reduce the sensitivity of a certain part of the oral cavity. However, it is not always possible to apply local anesthesia to treat teeth and gums. Children and adolescents can not tolerate complex operations, and adults often do not perceive standard medicines. Many manifest allergenic reactions to certain drugs. A number of patients cannot stand the sight of blood, unpleasant odors, or the touch of metal tools. Dental treatment under medical sleep in Kiev is one of the ways to solve the problem. The patient is euthanized for several hours, and the doctors carry out all the operations without disturbing the person. And he does not feel any discomfort.

Is it difficult to carry out complex surgical operations under medical sleep?

Modern techniques make it easy to immerse patients in an unconscious state. The advantages of this treatment:

  • a person sleeps and does not feel pain, discomfort;
  • doctors can safely do their job;
  • no side effects for the patient.

Doctors recommend performing complex surgical operations under general anesthesia even for children from the age of three. There are no side effects after the end of treatment, because we use modern medicines.

The treatment of primary teeth under medical sleep in Kiev

To make sure there are no contraindications, a number of procedures are performed in advance. The examination includes:

  • sampling and general analysis of the patient’s blood;
  • removal of an electrocardiogram;
  • examination by a pediatrician.

If necessary, x-rays are taken to clarify the diagnosis. As a result, the doctor gives a conclusion about the possibility to carry out even the most complex surgical operations. It is also important to observe other requirements: the patient should not eat 6-8 hours before the start of drug sleep. Fluid before surgery should also not be given to either adults or children.

The sequence of treatment under general anesthesia in “RecoDent”

First, the patient is placed in a room in a comfortable chair – almost horizontally. An anesthetist administers a drug that causes a long hours of deep sleep. The surgeon and the nurse prepare the necessary equipment, and one of the doctors connects the person to special equipment, thanks to which it is possible to track all the important indicators of the patient:

  • pressure;
  • heart rate
  • brain reaction.

The second stage is the manipulation of teeth and gums, it is possible to treat periodontal disease, deep caries, remove a cyst, and install implants. The patient does not feel or twitch, and the doctors calmly perform the operation. An important advantage is the absence of the danger of panic, which can cause injury from sharp surgical instruments.

The last step is to awaken the patient. Everything has already ended and the pain is not felt due to the smooth end of sleep. For several hours, doctors will observe the patient, and when the anesthesia is completely gone, it will be possible to leave the medical center.

The peculiarity of operations under general anesthesia in the clinic “Dent Dent”

We have experienced therapists, narcologists, surgeons and medical nurses. There are necessary imported equipment, anesthetics and other materials. Therefore, all work is safe for customers and we give a guarantee for each operation. To conduct dental treatment for children under general anesthesia, conduct a preliminary consultation in person or by phone.

  • we work around the clock;
  • regular promotions are held for customers;
  • we provide discounts for regular visitors.

Spacious rooms and comfortable chairs will allow each patient to feel at home. The cost of dental treatment under anesthesia in Kiev depends on the complexity of the operation. Consultations and the development of a treatment plan are free for all clients. After agreeing all the conditions, we draw up a service agreement, in accordance with which we provide a guarantee.

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