Dental care


Do you have a horror of dental work? You should not. Today, every other pupil knows that the dentist should be visited at least twice a year. However, not all adults adhere to this rule, although they know that the state of the teeth affects not only the chewing and facial aesthetics, but also the state of human health in general. Truth be told – a sharp toothache only can make us knock the door of a dentist, or the situation when you wake up in the morning with a swollen cheek, like a hamster.

And when the teeth react to cold, hot, sour or sweet…. Or that unpleasant breath odor, because of which you constantly have to cover your mouth, restrain laughter, or keep a distance with your interlocutor despite you so much want to grin like a Cheshire cat.


The problems with the teeth are so common and widespread, that it is almost impossible to meet a person with absolutely healthy teeth today. Anyway, if you have unpleasant sensations in the oral cavity, you have noticed signs of dental disease; you should immediately seek the qualified help. Make a shift. Push yourself. Go – and recover.

Dental care in the Recodent Clinic (Kyiv) is an accurate diagnosis on the modern equipment, a qualified approach to diagnosis, preparing a treatment plan, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body.

In Kyiv, prices for dental care depend on the complexity of a particular clinical situation and the chosen methods of treatment. In the Recodent clinic it is the most comfortable, because:

– modern anesthetics make every stage of treatment painless up to the injection (physiological reason);

– patients enjoy a friendly atmosphere and comfort, which gives a sense of security and dispels the feeling of anxiety, danger and fear.


DENTAL CARE at reasonable price

The price of dental care depends on the disease severity, materials to be used in each individual case, as well as the technologies applied. You can see the cost of dental treatment in the section


Believe me, modern dental care at Recodent (Kyiv) has nothing to do with the conventional image of painful treatment. Each and every patient deserves high-quality dental care! And we can provide it for you!