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Aligners are a modern technology for orthodontic treatment.
What are the advantages of using aligners over braces?

▪️ aesthetics and invisibility – transparent aligners provide maximum invisible alignment of teeth.

▪️ Comfort of treatment – as there are no restrictions as when wearing a conventional bracket system.

▪️ Speed ​​of treatment – aligners, when worn correctly, significantly reduce the duration of treatment, unlike braces

▪️ Predictability of the result – aligners make it possible to see your future smile even before the start of treatment thanks to modern digital technologies. You will be able to directly participate in the creation of your future smile – before the start of treatment, the state of the teeth is discussed with the patient visually using 3D visualization

▪️ And also, unlike braces, the patient does not need to come every month to monitor the treatment. When wearing an aligner, the number of visits is reduced to 1 time in 3-4 months and in some cases visits are not needed at all (if the patient travels abroad)

Aligners in the Recodent clinic are made according to German technology, which allows you to achieve the most stable, predictable and high-quality result for the patient.

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