Dental surgery in Kyiv from Recodent is tooth preservation operations, painless tooth extraction. 
Who have not had their teeth extracted? Surely every person encountered such a problem, and in most cases it is associated with unpleasant sensations and memories.

Thanks to modern technology, the specialists of the Recodent Clinic carry out the procedures, in particular, the tooth extraction, painlessly, which is the fundamental principle of the modern dental surgery. But this is an extreme measure. We direct all our efforts precisely to preserving the tooth, restore the bone tissue and further maintain the tooth in a healthy state.

All painkillers and techniques that we use today allow us to say that the dental surgery in Recodent is painless.
Dental surgery in Kyiv from Recodent embraces the following procedures: 
– Teeth-saving procedures (root amputation). Our specialists have got it down to a fine art; they manage to repressive the teeth that caused the jaw cysts development. If before the most “hopeless” tooth should have been removed, today specialists of the Recodent Clinic (Kyiv) save it.

– non-traumatic extraction of a tooth using only professional and high-quality medical preparations and instruments. By the way, we consider each extraction as preparation for possible subsequent dental implantation.

– Suturing the mucous membrane to reduce the time of rehabilitation, as well as the use of special preparations for the rapid healing.

Also, dental Surgery in the Recodent Clinic includes: frenulo-plasty, gingivoplasty, crown lengthening, debridement of periodontal canals, and flap surgery. All these procedures eliminate the inflammatory process, restore, strengthen and keep your teeth healthy for many years.

Special attention should be paid to extraction of wisdom teeth in the Recodent Clinic. A certain complexity of wisdom teeth extraction in dental surgery is caused, first of all, by the very position of such a tooth in the dentition, which often causes damage to neighboring teeth, provokes the development of caries, and also often causes displacement of adjacent teeth and a bite.

In some cases, when removing wisdom teeth, an apparatus is used for Piezo surgery

As a rule, a wisdom tooth extraction is performed under the local anesthesia, but only after a thorough examination by an oral cavity specialist and obtaining detailed X-rays of the relevant tooth.

Surgeons of the Recodent Clinic (Kyiv) having may-year experience guarantee that treatment is performed at a high level in the outpatient setting. The Recodent Clinic not only offers neat, caring and, most importantly, painless tooth extraction, but also performs effective procedures aimed at preserving your teeth.

Dental surgery at Reco Dent: we save even those teeth that seem to be unrestorable at first sight.