Surgical dentistry is one of the most popular areas. Even the use of advanced technology does not always allow you to save your teeth. However, before a decision on tooth extraction is made, a thorough diagnosis is carried out, all kinds of preserving procedures are carried out. If, according to the indications, there are no other options, then tooth extraction is carried out. Surgical dentistry is now so developed that the procedure is completely painless.

Surgical dentistry – the main indications for tooth extraction

There are many indications for surgical intervention. We highlight the most common problems:

  • severe tooth decay,
  • acute inflammation
  • significant mobility with periodontitis,
  • root break
  • testimony of the orthodontist
  • incorrect tooth positioning.

In all these situations, tooth extraction will be required; surgical dentistry stands out with significant opportunities in this direction. In some situations, doctors perform a surgical operation aimed at removing foci of inflammation, while the tooth remains in place.

Dental Surgery Services from RecoDent Clinic

The following are available at RecoDent Surgical Dentistry Services:

  • Tooth extraction. Last resort, applies only if there is no chance of repairing a damaged tooth. It is carried out under local anesthesia.
  • Removing a wisdom tooth. It is carried out only after the instructions of the doctor who performed the diagnosis. The reasons may be the following – severe pain and improper location. The procedure is complex, it can be carried out both under local and general anesthesia.
  • Treatment of cysts. Surgical dentistry tooth extraction is not always performed. In certain situations, they are limited to removing the neoplasm in the root system. The difficulty is that this is possible at an early stage, but due to the absence of symptoms, such a problem is diagnosed at a late stage. As a result, the surgeon removes everything – a tooth and a cyst.
  • Resection of the apex of the root. Such a procedure is highly effective if the task is to save a damaged tooth. The essence of the operation is that it allows you to surgically remove inflammation, leaving healthy parts intact. Thus, specialists in the future will be able to completely restore the tooth.

Also in the clinic is children’s surgical dentistry. The clinic has a special children’s doctor. He finds an approach to all small patients, carries out tooth extraction quickly and painlessly. The child does not even have time to feel anything.

Surgical dentistry prices for services provided

RecoDent is a high standard in the field of dentistry.
The clinic uses the most modern equipment, medicines, innovative treatment methods. Experienced doctors can easily diagnose any disease and offer the most effective treatment. If it is impossible to restore a tooth with affordable methods, then Kiev surgical dentistry prices for which are the most affordable in the city, is a non-alternative solution. The cost of tooth extraction depends on a number of points: the drugs used, the location of the tooth, the complexity of the operation. Also, other factors can affect the final price, which the doctor will certainly report, but only after diagnosis.

Now the surgical dentistry site allows you to immediately book an appointment at a convenient time, get acquainted with the available services, and get an online consultation. The clinic employs several surgeons. All of them are quite qualified specialists with great experience. All necessary manipulations are carried out at the highest level.

Now surgical dentistry prices are fully consistent with the quality of services provided. However, clinic specialists are primarily trying to save the tooth. Modern methods can cope even with the most advanced diseases. That’s just in some situations, you can not do without removal. Surgeons using the best anesthetics will quickly remove the problem tooth.