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Aesthetic stomatology

Modern aesthetic dentistry “Reco Dent” is a medical center for aesthetic dentistry, which uses the latest innovations. The team consists of highly qualified specialists of the highest category, so that all dental specialties are available to patients. When contacting the clinic, you can use any kind of dental treatment, but one of the priority areas is aesthetic dentistry Kiev.

The beauty of a smile in modern times plays a huge role. This is expected, because a beautiful smile is far from always given by nature, but with the help of modern methods it can be made perfect. And everyone who would like to make a favorable impression on others should make every effort for the beauty of a smile and healthy teeth. As for our clinic, we will solve the problem of any level of complexity, from the correction of small defects to the complete reconstruction of the dentition.

Features of our aesthetic dentistry dental restoration

In general, aesthetic dentistry is a new direction. The situation when the teeth were easy to cure was not relevant. Today, with any dental procedures, aesthetics also play a significant role.

Aesthetic dentistry services that our center offers are a set of procedures to improve your smile. For this, the method of cosmetic restoration is used.

In general, cosmetic restoration is a combination of dental treatment and artwork, thanks to which a smile can be given the most aesthetic look. Artistic restoration, without exaggeration, is a real tool that allows you to give a smile that is comparable to a work of art.

Depending on the existing problem, the specialist can narrow or expand the tooth, as well as shorten or lengthen it. In addition, it is possible to eliminate the interdental gap or improve the color of the teeth and change their position. In fact, you can solve the problem of almost any degree of complexity.

Aesthetic Dentistry Price

Specialists use high-tech restoration materials, allowing:

  • restore all the functions of the tooth;
  • return the natural color of enamel or make it whiter;
  • adjust transparency level;
  • restore the anatomical structure.

Thanks to the use of modern equipment and materials, a minimal impact on a healthy tooth occurs. As for the direct use of materials and the selection of technology, this is a purely individual process, which depends on the indications of a particular patient, the state of the dentition, and also the budget level. There are methods that allow you to solve the problem quite efficiently and inexpensively. And also there are solutions that can hardly be called budget ones, but the result is worth it. In any case, the aesthetic dentistry prices at us can pleasantly surprise you.

Benefits of Aesthetic Dentistry

All those who decide to choose our clinic for the implementation of aesthetic dentistry will receive:

  • restoration of the shape and color of one tooth or a whole dentition;
  • a snow-white smile after one visit;
  • painless procedure;
  • minimal invasiveness;
  • an individual approach to solving any task.

At the peak of popularity are aesthetic dentistry veneers, which can be made of ceramics or composite materials. Our specialists will find a solution for a specific patient. As for such a direction of our activity as aesthetic dentistry of lumineers, they are distinguished by ultra-thin plates, which create an even more aesthetic effect of natural beautiful and healthy teeth. The field of aesthetic dentistry does not stand still. The clinic uses the latest innovations to obtain the desired result.

Contact us and we will be able to give you a Hollywood smile that will allow you to feel confident every day.

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