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PRF bone plastics in dentistry

Bone grafting in dentistry

Many are concerned about the question of what is bone grafting. This is an operational procedure for the restoration of affected jaw bone with partial / complete absence of teeth. It is appropriate for tooth atrophy, its pathological processes, etc. Bone grafting also has other names: sinus lift, bone augmentation, osteoplasty. The operation will create enough space for tooth implantation, remove aesthetic defects and restore the previous state of the oral cavity. In some cases, the procedure is performed immediately before the implantation of the tooth, but sometimes it is also performed as a separate operation.

“Bone grafting price Kiev” – search engines are full of this request. Find out about the details of the procedure, cost and types of operations from our article.

PRF in dentistry

PRF, or fibrin membrane, is designed for bone grafting. It makes healing more effective and safer. High platelet fibrin is an automatrix released from the blood. The procedure based on it allows you to abandon the remaining biochemical additives and not to use additional substances that stimulate the healing process.

Types of bone grafting

At the moment, several types of bone grafting are distinguished:

  • Bone grafting of the upper jaw.
  • Bone grafting of the lower jaw.
  • Bone grafting.

Each species has its own indications and contraindications. Bone grafting of the alveolar bone is used in its atrophic processes:

  • Horizontal atrophy.
  • Vertical atrophy.
  • Combined atrophy.

Bone grafting in dentistry: price

Most clients are concerned about the price of this procedure, since it is believed that surgery to reposition and restore is quite expensive. Bone grafting – the cost depends on the type of operation and its technology. For example, operations with a high risk are more expensive, because the dentist requires more accuracy and care. Also, the cost depends on the material used for implantation: high-quality bone substitutes are more expensive.

If you enter the query “bone grafting price in Ukraine”, you will probably be surprised by the variety of budgets of various operations. The thing is that the cost depends on the characteristics of the holding.

Dental implants: bone grafting
Dental implants in bone grafting have a diverse number of methods. There are several types of materials with which the operation is performed:

  • Autogenous material. A piece of bone obtained from the client himself is applied. It is believed that such an operation has minimal risks, since the percentage of implant engraftment is always high.
  • Allogeneic material. It consists in taking donor material, a less common practice.
  • Alloplastic. In this case, the implant is made of synthetic-type components based on calcium phosphate.
  • Xenogenic. It looks like granules or bone blocks, created with the help of animal bones. A fairly common option in our time.

Bone grafting for dental implants has its own varieties:

  • Cleavage of the alveolar bone. It is recommended for the rehabilitation of several teeth affected by horizontal atrophy. In the thickness of the process should be 2 or less millimeters.
  • Sinus lifting. Restoration of chewing teeth in the jaw area. It is used often enough.
  • Bone block implantation. Recommended for all types of atrophy.
  • Directed bone regeneration. Recommended for small combined atrophy. If you have a sufficiently thin jaw tissue, this surgical method will contribute to its thickening.

To whom plastic is not recommended

Not always problems can be solved thanks to the procedure for building bone tissue. Among the contraindications for use, there are:

  • Osteoporosis, increased fragility of bones.
  • Pregnancy, lactation period.
  • Blood diseases.
  • Immunodeficiency conditions.
  • Mental illness.

Also, the procedure cannot be carried out if wounds, infections, ulcers are found in the mouth; insufficient coverage of the tooth with bone tissue. In the case when the client has noticeable tooth defects, the cost of bone grafting may be higher – before the procedure, the treatment of damaged areas and their rehabilitation is carried out.


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